We are now distributors for the popular AKE Bluetooth Adapters For Harley Davidson Motorcycles Featuring Two-Way Communications INCLUDING CB Radio, Harley Boom!Box Voice Commands And Cell Phone Use.

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Initially, we are supporting ONLY these AKE products:
39332 - Bluetooth Adapter For Harley Davidson Motorcycles
31455 - Bluetooth Adapter WITH Helmet Headset For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

 More information will be available soon, and their entire product line may eventually be available here.  We are working on clearer product documentation  in the meantime.

* * * * * AVAILABLE NOW - Watch This Space For The More Announcements! * * * * *

We sold out of our first shipment almost immediately and have received additional shipments. We are continuing to test the headset adapters with various headsets, including those from Sena, Scala, Cardo, and Uclear. If you are interested in obtaining one of these adapters or just want to ask a question, please let us know at Harold@telehobbies.com and we will reply quickly. We hope to have an ordering system online soon, but for now we are dealing with prospective Customers individually for the best Customer service.

Click on the above part numbers for more information.